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This is a new boyband from China, I usally don't like chinese music (I don't know why, I only have 2 chinese artist I can call me a fan of) and especially boybands (but I love japanese and korean boybands, so I don't know why), but H.I.T-5 I LOVE THEM! ♥♥ so I had to make a pimp post ♥

Beijing’s Idol Factory Entertainment, used two years to creat HIT-5, which already officially made a debut on October 20. Duan Huangwei, Gao Yu, Yang Fan, Dong Yufeng, and Guo Zi will create new music in mainland’s music scene.

Taken from: cfensi.wordpress.com/2008/10/21/a-new-boyband-for-the-count/


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Real name: Duan Huangwei (段黄巍)
Stage name: David
Position: Vocalist
Date of birth: 12/08/1989
Constellation: Sagittarius
Height: 184cm/6’0”
Weight: 63kg/136lbs
Blood type: B
Place of birth: Xuzhou, Jiangsu
Likes: Shopping
Personality: Can be really outgoing when being around by a lot people.
Fav. Movies/drama: 奋斗
Fav. Songs: Why do I like you?
Fav. Food: Chicken wings
Fav fruit: Pineapple, peach
Fav. Place: Café
Collecting: Rings, Necklaces and bracelets.
Fav. Cloth style: Sasual.
Fav.color: Light blue.
Fav. Singer: Yunho (DBSK), TaeYang (Big Bang)
People he admire: Parents
About Hit-5: He was the third one join the group.
Cyworld : http://www.cyworld.com.cn/7duangongzi

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Real name: Gao Yu (高宇)
Stage name: Kido
Date of birth:02/06/1989
Height: 180cm/ 5'11"
Weight: 61kg/134lbs
Size of shoes: 43
Blood type: O
Place of birth: Taizhou, Zhejiang
Personality: Can be all over the places sometimes, but also can be really quite sometimes.
Fav. movies/drama/comic: Lost, Bleach, Naruto
Fav.Songs: Pray
Fav.food: burger, Jello
Collecting: Nike shoes, Rings
Fav. palce: Mars
Fav. cloth: Everything that fits me
Fav color: Blue, Black Green White and Clear
Fav singer: Usher, Justin timberlake.Jang Woohyuk. Yunho(DBSK) TaeYang(Big Bang)
People he admire: Yoco
Fav sports: Basketball. Tracking
About Hit-5: the last one to join the group.
Cyworld : http://www.cyworld.com.cn/2007278021

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Real name: Yang Fan ( 杨帆)
Stage name: Fan
Position: second vocalist
Date of birth: 1/26/1990
Constellation: Aquarius
Height: 181cm/5’11”
Weight: 60kg/130lbs
Place of birth: Xuzhou, Jiangsu
Likes: basket ball, listening to music
Fav. Movies: ???
Fav. Songs: Day by day. Purple line
Fav. food: Chocolate. It seems there isn’t something that I dun like
Fav. place: Home. Basket ball court
Collecting: Everything that makes people prettier.
Fav. cloth style: street, casual.
Fav. Singer: Yunho (TVXQ), TaeYang (Bigbang)
People he admire: Parents
About Hit-5: He was the second one join the group.
Cyworld : http://www.cyworld.com.cn/fanfan90126

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Real name: Dong Yufeng (董玉峰)
Stage name: ?
Position: Second vocalist
Date of birth: 12/02/1989
Constellation: Sagittarius
Height: 183cm/6’1”
Weight: 58kg/127lbs
Place of birth: Fengyang, Anhui
Likes: Snacks, Play games.
Personality: Sometimes really cute, sometimes really cold.
Fav.food: Everything that’s tasty
Collecting: Face masks
Fav actress: Fan Bingbing
People he admire: Grandpa
Fav sport: He don'y like sports
About HIT-5: He was the froth one join this group.
Fav color: Pink, Green
Fav. Singer: DBSK
Cyworld :http://www.cyworld.com.cn/dongyufeng1202

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Real Name: Guo Ziyu (郭子渝)
Stage name: Herry
Position: Leader. Rapper
Date of birth: 12/09/1988
Constellation: Sagittarius
Place of birth: Zhoukou, Henan
Height: 179cm/5’11”
Weight: 60kg/132lbs
Personality: Steady and Outgoing
Fav. Movie/ drama: The Shawshank Redemption. The Pursuit of Happiness
Fav. Song: If ain’t got you. Purple line.
Fav. Food: Chocolate, Hot pot, Chicken, Mom’s homecooking
Collecting: Necklace. Skincare products. Nike shoes
Fav. Place: Canada
Fav cloth: Hoddies, Jackets
Fav. Color: Blue, White, Red
Fav. Singer: HanKyung (Super Junior), Rain
Fav. Actor/actress: Brad Pitt. Nicolas Cage, Will Smith. Kim Taehee
Fav. Sports: Swimming. Basketball. Tennis. Soccer
People he admire: Srandpa
About HIT-5: He was the first one join the group
Cyworld : http://www.cyworld.com.cn/guoziyu

Credits: aiiyaya@baidu
Translated by: daisivi@soompi

Pictures:(Sorry for my biasness, but it's easy to find pictures of Kido and he's hot )


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Hit (live)

Dancing to Lee Hyori's "Hey Mr. Big"

Some VCR of them from some show (so damn cute and Kido is hot when he's dancing *_*)

Behind the scenes for something, an interview I think (This is also really cute *_*)

Another song by named "So Sweet"


Hit MV

H.I.T - 5 UFO Town

Hit (live)

H.I.T-5 dancing to Hey Mr. Big


Hit (MP3)


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